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This Page is dedicated to the Most Holy Theotokos, the Ever-Virgin Mary

Truly, the Mother of God. the Theotokos ("bearer of God"), is the most remarkable person in all of creation, because she chose to say "Yes!!!", with selflessness and unquestioning faith and love to God's Will; thereby she gave her full acceptance to God Who made her the instrument through whom He would fulfill His most daring and awesome act of Love, to wit:

God, the Son, took human form, enduring human suffering and temptations and became the Blood Sacrifice (conquering both physical (crucifixion) and spiritual (Hell Fire) death): so that He could save us all from the eternal punishment of Hades (Hell) and Eternal Judgment that we actually deserve for our sinfulness in this life.
We pray for God's Blessing and the prayerful intercession of our Holy Mother of God, (the beloved Theotokos) for the fulfillment of the mission of this home page -- full and equal Christian Orthodox unity in mutual Christian love and respect..

Did you know?

Further notable is that in returning to her people, converting them to belief in Him as the Messiah and bringing them to Him, she became and was therefore the first missionary, albeit pre-Reserrection.

If any of these verifiable items surprise you, it is because over the many centuries that have passed since Christ's ministry on earth and even the days of the beginning church, a multitude of things have been hidden, destroyed, distorted, ignored and minimized so as to create a large void of knowledge and resultant practices that over time have resulted in grave inequities, divisions and polarization that are not justified in Christ's ministry and message nor, nearly to the modern degree, in the earliest days of the Church.

Not a single one of the twelve apostles stood by Jesus when He was arrested.

All of the women disciples did.

Not only that, Peter denied Him three times.

Not only that, none of the women disciples ever denied Him.

Not only that, Thomas said, "Unless I see in His hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and put my hand into His side, I will not believe."

Jesus said, "Mary!"

Mary turned and said, "Rabboni!"

To begin to understand the effects of this evolution, read an autobiographical ode written by a Greek-American young woman whom we shall call "Maria", to protect her identity.  It honestly and glaringly speaks to the contrast between her own experience and that of the multitude of women whose personal encounters with Jesus Christ are recorded in the Holy Scriptures.  Please reflect prayerfully as you read "Maria's" ode, whose message challenges the Christ-condemned "traditions of men" that continue today to undermine the love-based commandments of God that Jesus Christ consistently and flawlessly brought to us in both His actions and His words.  Like so many others since then, our "Maria" has been put in grave danger of being lost to the Christ whom she might have come to know.

Ode of "Maria"

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